@ Benton House (3052 S Gratten Ave)

$7 adults/free for youth

The NFO XPO ("info expo") brings art groups and community organizations together to exchange information and ideas, and also provides a public platform for each individual or group to present itself. It's a trade show for experimental art, emerging art spaces, and radical exchange. It's our version of what an art fair should be.

This year’s XPO is hosted by Benton House, an amazing neighborhood social service agency.

Participants include: A Literal Letter Service, Criticorps, Agent Orangerie, Trendbeheer (NL), Agent Orangerie, The bARTer collective( CO), Memory and Bus Shelter Project, Maggie Puckett's Total Ocean Recall, Greg Gillam, Midcoast Free School, Roxaboxen,  S'mores Grant Project, Vegan Galery, Chicago Underground Library, The Lines of the Rebellion(AG) , MFA AKV/St. Joost, Margarita Benitez, DIYLILCNC, (f)utility projects, Claudia Hart, Mik Kastner, Patrick Lichty, Brian Matthew, Dan Price, Ben Stagl, What it Is, Le Dernier Cri, Seripop, Allison Kilberg, Tom Torluemke, Kristin Reger (Space LIC), Cave (Detroit), The Org Gallery (Detroit), Retablo-A-Go-Go (Sante Fe), Mathias Marx (DE) , Creative Oscillation Channel, threewalls with Curating Yourself, Amy Schleser + Pop Quiz Trigonometry,  Jeriah Hildwine, Next Objectivists, Printervention, Melissa Potter, Ray Emerick, WPA Posters TODAY (designs from Milwaukee), Skype Dance (at the XPO and at Bridgeport Coffee House), Stephanie Burke & others.

Food and drink available. (Free University and Re:Claiming Creativity Conference schedule coming soon.

(First floor Benton House gymnasium)

1:30pm How to Write a Letter with A Literal Letter Service>

The central component of How to Write a Letter is a place and time in
which people can simply write letters.  We will discuss letter
structure, the ins and outs of the postal service, and making letter
writing a more regular habit.  We will provide writing instruments,
surfaces, and postage.

3 - 6pm Approaching the Nanofax Singularity Presentations
3pm: DIYLILCNC (Chris Reilly + Taylor Hokanson)
3.45pm (f)utility projects
4.15pm: Mik Kastner
4.45pm: Margarita Benitez
5.15pm Dan Price

8pm: Korean Polish BBQ / Afterparty

Join us for our annual Version specialty: Korean Polish Bar B Q
@ Co-Prosperity Sphere (3219 S Morgan)

$5 or free for NFO XPO visitors

Rotterdam VHS FIlm Festival

We will watch episodes of Multinauts and TLVSN!

10pm: Jams begin
Relay Beken
Animal City
Icy De

Version TLVSN
Cable Access Channel 19

Midnight on Channel 19
Every night from April 22 to May 2, 2010

This year Version festival presents 6 episodes of experimental televsion featuring works submitted to this year's festvial. Watch every night of the festival at midnight to view a 30 minute TLVSN episode on Chicago Cable Access Channel 19 (CAN TV)>


curated by Theodore Darst
additional animations by Jenna Caravello and Jed Logsdon


Dungeon Majesty

Daniel Fandino- New Main Line

Judith Witteman- Something Sticky



Building a Bottom-Up Chicago: A Bike Tour!
@ Co-Prosperity Sphere (3219 S Morgan St)
11 am - 2:30 pm

In one way or another, we've all experienced the messed up systems of power and capitalism operating in our city . . . but what does a democratic Chicago look like? Individuals and organizations all over the city are building new kinds of economies by creating alternative infrastructures for exchange and development of money, resources, knowledge, culture, and services. While these projects may seem isolated, they're all part of the Solidarity Economy, a movement that is rooted in social, environmental and economic justice.

Join us on a bike tour and discussion of some of the many examples of solidarity economies here in Chicago! Stops on the tour include Hoyne House Cooperative, Rebuilding Exchange, the Experimental Station, and lunch at Backstory Café.

We will meet at 3219 S Morgan Street at 10:45am on April 24th. The route is approximately 12 miles, with the option of biking as a group back to Co-Pro post-tour. Driving is also an option. Please RSVP to rachel.a and (they are happy to answer your questions, too). A $5/$10 donation is suggested, to cover lunch and a donation to the US Social Forum bike delegation, however no one will be turned away for lack of funds.