Opening Of Version Festival
Territories Group Exhibition
@ Zhou B Center (1029 W 35th St)
7-10pm – exhibition runs through May 3

Opening night of Version 10 begins with Territories, a group exhibition. Meet participating artists and get an advanced look at the festival program ahead. Features work by: Tomas Moreno, Chad Gerth, Hui-min Tsen, Chris Larson, Hideous Beast (Josh Ippel, Charlie Roderick), Tim Graham, Jennifer Mills, Xavier Nuez,Theodore Durst, Miguel Guzman, Monument 1.5, Alexa Loftus, Peter Feigenbaum, Aron Gent, Anna Rokka, Aaron Delehanty, Holly Holmes, Before Cake after Dinner, Se Young, Brian Murer, Erik DeBat, Sarah Ross, Bill Mackey, Mike Slattery, Tom Burtonwood, Kariel (Karri Kuoppala and Muriel Laesser),  Heloisa Escudero, Jeff Zimmerman,  Lise Haller Baggesen, Gitte Bog, Gudrun Hasle, Anni Holm, & Berit Nørgaard.

Curated by Dayton Castleman & Ed Marszewski

(Exhibition runs through May 3rd, Open on Saturday May 1, 2010,12-5pm and by appointment: 773 837 0145)

(Image: Deep North, film/video and sculptural installation by Chris Larson)

Version TLVSN
Cable Access Channel 19

Midnight on Channel 19
Every night from April 22 to May 2, 2010

This year Version festival presents 6 episodes of experimental televsion featuring works submitted to this year's festvial. Watch every night of the festival at midnight to view a 30 minute TLVSN episode on Chicago Cable Access Channel 19 (CAN TV)>


curated by Theodore Darst
additional animations by Jenna Caravello and Jed Logsdon


1. Nick Briz-A New Ecology for the Citizen of the Digital Age

2. Ton Meijdam-Battery Cage
    Thom Snels
    Bela Zsigmond

3. Rosa Menkmen-Radio Dada

4. John Maus-Enterprise
    Jennifer Juniper Stratford

5. Theodore Darst-AREA #1